Adoptable Adventure Dog: Meet Rory

**Update** Rory was adopted the weekend after this blog was posted! Thanks Outdoor Beginner readers! 

Meet Rory, a three-year-old neutered lab mix awaiting his furever home in Denver. I fell in love with him right away this weekend – he followed me around like a little shadow and warmed up to me quickly, rolling over for belly rubs a few hours after we first met. He needs a home where he can work off some of his extra energy and will make an excellent running or hiking partner. He is always up for anything and is eager to go wherever you will let him follow you.

Rory is super sweet and loves to be petted (and is happy to give you some appreciative kisses back!). As you can see from the picture, he also is a big fan of the ball. He enjoys playing fetch as well as entertaining himself by bouncing the ball around on the concrete (the more you laugh at him, the happier he is to show off his skills).

He knows “drop it” and “sit” and has pretty good leash manners, but will need some follow-up obedience training (as do all dogs!). A home without kids that can provide Rory with the structure/boundaries he needs will be the perfect fit, and Rory will repay you with lifetime kisses and generally looking adorable.

Take Rory home with you by visiting him at the Denver Animal Shelter on West Bayaud Avenue off of Alameda. Be ready with Rory’s ID number, which is A223238.


Adoptable Adventure Dogs is a series on Outdoor Beginner featuring shelter dogs that would make excellent partners in adventure. I am a volunteer at the Denver Animal Shelter, and therefore most of the featured dogs are currently residing there. If you know of a deserving pup that needs a home from your local shelter, please feel free to reach out to me at! Remember – Adopt, Don’t Shop. The best breed is rescued!


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