You Blend Me Right Around Baby Right Round

Getting into shape/pursuing a healthy lifestyle usually goes hand in hand with adopting a serious affliction for smoothies, which also usually goes hand in hand with forking over a large sum of money for a blender. Rejoice, the Ninja Master Prep! Under $40, eligible for Amazon Prime shipping, what more could you possibly want?

ninja master prep product review

The blender comes with two sizes of containers (the smaller one is great for individual portions) and offers plenty of bang for your buck. I’ve been able to blend all kinds of smoothie ingredients, from ice and frozen fruit to kale and other greens.

It’s not the quietest blender in the world, but it’s not as deafening as many other models. Plus, at this price point, can you really complain? It’s been up to the task for every recipe I’ve made and is still going strong a year later with almost daily use.


It’s designed upside down from how most blenders are, but I actually love it that way. It’s much easier to clean and load up. That long grey plastic thing in the middle is what the blade is attached to, which makes the blade easy to grab, pull out, and rinse off without risking cutting yourself (always a bonus for the accident prone like myself). You can wash easily by hand or throw everything in the dishwasher. Plus, you don’t have to worry about spilling anything once you’ve added all your ingredients.

I’m very spill-prone and constantly worried about whether I screwed on the bottom of previous blenders tightly enough, but with this blender you just pop the lid on and then attach the motor and press down. There aren’t multiple settings, but I never knew how to use all of those on other blenders anyways. Keep it simple, right?

You do have to hold down the top to keep it blending, but I’ve never made anything that has taken more than a minute-ish, so this hasn’t been an issue for me. I truly love this blender and highly recommend it for anyone that wants to enjoy the wonderful world of smoothies on a budget. FYI I didn’t get paid by anyone to say any of these things, I just wanted to share some blender love with you all. Happy blending!


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