And we’re back

It’s been one of those months. Ok, it’s been a couple months. As horrified as I am that I haven’t updated this blog in nearly two months, it’s a function of working full time and having this blog as a hobby. What’s happened this summer?

First of all, The Outdoors Summit. Hopefully, this doesn’t come off as grotesquely self-promotey, but I’m honestly so proud of what we pulled off in just a few short months that I don’t care. I work at Great Outdoors Colorado, and in partnership with the Governor’s Office and the Department of Natural Resources, we put on a pretty remarkable event to elevate the conversation in our state about statewide, long-term efforts to get kids outside and protect our outdoorsy brand as a state. I highly suggest checking out the keynote speakers, all of which are up on YouTube along with our super inspiring new video which is embedded below.

Besides that, my horse moved here while my boyfriend and I were moving into our new house, and a slew of other personal travel and work events have kept me busy. While most of my outdoorsy activity has been on the back of a horse (not complaining!), I’ve still got guides, reviews, and more in the works for our usual non-equestrian content. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with me! We now resume your regularly scheduled programming….IMG_6053


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