“You look like a public transportation worker,” and other compliments I’ve received on my new shirt

When it comes to athletic clothes, I tend to favor the (almost blindingly) bright. I was at Target looking for new sports bras, and that quickly snowballed into falling in love with a bright orange tank top…because I definitely need more running clothes, right?

The C9 Women’s Seamless Tank may have been an impulse buy, but in reality it’s been an awesome addition to my workout wardrobe. It’s some sort of mesh-like material, that manages to be extremely breathable without also being completely see through. I’ve worn it to run, ride a horse, and workout, and it’s been great for all three.

The last two activities require a lot of bending over, which is why I also love the neckline. It’s high enough that you don’t have to worry about putting on a show if you bend over (although I’m speaking from the perspective of the Very Small Boobs Club). Don’t forget to put sunscreen on underneath it though– remember, it’s very breathable fabric, so not a lot of sun protection happening.

I’m not big on skintight anything, so I also loved the loose fit of this shirt. It is longer, but it still looks fine with shorts. I’m 5’7” with a very long torso, so the way it fits me could be a bit misleading. I have no idea what the height/weight proportion of the Target model is, or how heavily she has been Photoshopped (kidding…kind of).

At $20, you can’t beat the price for a new shirt. I’ve always loved Target’s C9 line, but they’ve really stepped up their game since the last time I bought anything from them (approximately 2011…I don’t shop a lot).

This shirt has held up well to my abuse over the last few months. It’s my new favorite, so I’ve already washed it more than a dozen times. I did forget to zip up a pair of pants I washed it with, and it got a small snag on the front after that. But I think if you’re an adult that actually knows how to do laundry, you should be fine.

If you don’t want to look like a public transportation worker (yes, someone actually said that to me while I was wearing this shirt), it comes in a bunch of different colors. In the meantime, I’ll be sticking to my philosophy that neon is basically a neutral, so why not wear all of it at once:

Neon Running Clothes Outdoor Beginner Jog A Dog Denver Animal Shelter

Flipbelt aka my little pack mule for runs
A pair of my favorite running shorts
The Jog A Dog program at Denver Animal Shelter!


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