Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best affordable duffle bag for the gym

I recently took the plunge and joined a gym. I also recently got a duffle bag to make things official. This was not a New Years Resolution fluke, this was not something I did out of peer pressure, this was a lifestyle change!

And by that, I mean I needed a better system than all my crap jammed into a random too-small tote bag that I dragged onto the bus with me every morning. Not only did I constantly worry about something falling out and being lost forever, but I was also racked with anxiety about being “the smelly girl” at work thanks to sweaty gym clothes percolating in the corner of my office.


I’ll skip over my Google searches and Amazon scouring and get right to the good stuff: the Under Armour Storm Undeniable small duffle. Literally the longest product name I’ve ever seen, but an absolutely awesome bag. As a Maryland girl, I lean toward Under Armour anyways, but this bag really has it all.

The “Storm” part of the name comes from the water-resistant Under Armour line of clothing, and this was the only duffle bag I could find that mentioned anything about repelling water. I either bike or walk to a bus stop to get to work, and summer storms in Colorado do not mess around. The Under Armour Storm material really sealed the deal for me right away.

As you may guess, my other must-have was a compartment for smelly stuff. An entire sweaty outfit easily fits into the interior compartment. However, if you want to use it for your shoes, you’re out of luck unless you have small feet. I wear a size 9-9.5 and there was no way in hell those babies were fitting in there.

Best Small Duffle Bag For The Gym 1

Overall, this is the perfect small duffle bag for any gym rat (wannabe or otherwise). It makes you look super legit, and it holds all of your stuff. I love that the padded strap also has grips on it to keep it from falling off your shoulder. Size-wise, it fits perfectly in a gym locker while carrying all the crap you could ever want to bring with you to the gym. For $40, you really can’t go wrong.

Any other questions about this duffle? Ask away in the comments!

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