I got married. Here are OB’s greatest hits to tide you over.

I’m somebody’s wife now, which is pretty sweet, I’m not gonna lie. I had this grand plan of writing a ton of content in August to schedule throughout September, but in a twist that should surprise absolutely no one who has been married, that didn’t actually happen because planning a wedding + having a fulltime job + trying to have hobbies still = insanity.

I obviously didn’t update the blog while I was getting hitched over Labor Day Weekend, and I definitely won’t be updating the blog while I’m on my honeymoon for the next two weeks. SO here’s a greatest hits of OB while I’m gone. See you in October!

OB Classics for when you’re just starting out:

Most popular:

Literally the least popular post right now but I think it’s just because I made a bad title because it’s my favorite “talk about feelings when you’re a beginner” post:


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  1. Steve Horvat says:

    Congrats to you both!


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