Adoptable Adventure Dog: Meet Daisy

I’ve seen plenty of lists of the best breeds for adventure dogs, but none of them ever include shelter dogs, which is a mystery to me. So, I started the adoptable adventure dog series. It’s been a hot minute since I posted, but this month’s pupper has inspired me to change that!

Daisy is a 10-year-old husky mix who, to be totally honest, has been completely overlooked because of her age. A lot of people see the gray muzzle, the double-digit age and think, “ehh, not for me.”

I had the pleasure of taking Daisy out for Jog a Dog this week (she’s a walker) and immediately fell in love with her because she’s just plain fun. She’s the perfect outdoor beginner dog – not looking to get into anything too epic, but always down for an adventure (even if it’s just around the corner). She still has plenty of pep in her step!

She adores a good car ride, sitting politely in the backseat (or front if she’s invited) and sticking her little snoot out the window without trying to make a break for it.

Daisy also walks great on a leash and knows a few basic commands (and loves treats, so is easy to teach). She would do best as an only dog, but has been a rockstar at Wash Park (one of Denver’s busiest) during Jog a Dog. She is polite with other dogs unless they get too crazy with her – at her age, she has no time for puppy nonsense but is definitely not aggressive.

Take Daisy home with you by contacting Denver Animal Shelter’s Foster Coordinator.

Adoptable Adventure Dogs is a series on Outdoor Beginner featuring shelter dogs that would make excellent partners in adventure. Through it, I hope to not only help get these puppers adopted, but also raise awareness for how great shelter dogs are!

I am a volunteer at the Denver Animal Shelter, so currently all the featured dogs are from there. If you know of a pup that needs a home from your local shelter, please feel free to reach out to me at outdoorbeginner at gmail dot com! Remember – Adopt, Don’t Shop. The best breed is rescued!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Martha Cardon Irmer says:

    Daisy sounds awesome! I love this aspect of your work!


    1. Laura Cardon says:

      Thanks! Hopefully she gets a home soon. She’s so sweet!


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