Outdoor Beginner Guide to the 2021 REI Labor Day Sale

Text reading Labor Day Sale & Clearance Up to 30% off on top of a photo of people running through a field at sunset away from the camera

There’s no way around it. Outdoor gear is expensive. I’ve devoted an entire post to how to save money on outdoor gear. One of my tips is to (not so) patiently wait for sales. Let me help you wade through the hundreds of items on sale at REI (Aug. 27 – Sept. 6) with a few Outdoor Beginner recommendations.

Headlamps and Lanterns: 25% off

Black Diamond makes my favorite headlamp and lantern. They last forever, get the job done, and are reasonably priced. Both come in right around $20 with the sale.

My Cosmo headlamp has lasted me nearly a decade and shows no signs of slowing down.

Wearing my Black Diamond Cosmo headlamp camping in Telluride before I had a good phone camera.

The Moji lanterns are my go-to for camping (and actually come in handy for attic/crawl space/home adventures). They’re tiny but emit a TON of light. Plus, the attached D-rings make it super easy to hang the lanterns from anywhere and the battery life is excellent.

If you’re not sure why you need a headlamp or lantern, check out this earlier OB post.

REI Raincoats and Rain Pants: 30% off

When my partner’s Patagonia raincoat finally gave out, he didn’t feel like splurging on a new one. The REI men’s raincoat doesn’t fit *quit* as sharply (at least on his thin, taller frame) but it still fits well and does a great job of keeping him dry. It performed great on our rainy trip to Alaska and hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear after a few years of use.

Wearing REI women’s rain pants on my trip to Alaska.

REI’s women’s rain pants have been my go-to for wet or windy hiking for years. They’ve held up fantastically through extended downpours (see: four hours of kayaking in the rain) and constantly being stuffed in and out of bags (see: crewing the Leadville 100).

Rain pants also come in handy for the warm, but snowy, days we often have in Colorado. I love them for snowshoeing and really warm skiing days.

Hiking and Running Socks: 25% off

Darn Tough are my all-time favorite non-cotton socks. This Vermont-based company has fun colors and their socks last forever, so they’re a great investment. The company will replace them for you if you ever get a pair with a hole.

The Micro Crew Hiker has been a trusty partner since I started hiking (and I haven’t needed to buy any new pairs since those originals). Find my detailed gear-guide for socks here >>

Extra 20% off REI Outlet

I highly encourage perusing the REI Outlet site even without a sale, but during the Labor Day sale, you can get an extra 20% off an item. You do have to be an REI member to get it; just use the discount code EXTRA20 at checkout.

Isn’t there like… a lot of other stuff on sale?

Yes, of course. And if you have something specific in mind, I would highly encourage you to scroll through clearance clothes or other items. For this post, I’m sticking to the basics for products I own and love. Add in the comments if you see something on sale that you think would help other beginners!

Editor’s Note

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you buy something using the links in this post, I get a small commission. This commission doesn’t add anything to your purchase price, and I can’t see who purchases what or any other personal data from your purchase.

Affiliate links support all the free content on Outdoor Beginner, and the only links in this post are items that I personally have used for years and recommend. I have not received any additional compensation or any editorial oversight from REI for this post.

If you would like to support Outdoor Beginner, but prefer not to use affiliate links to do so, you can head directly to REI.com and support our content below:

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