This is Outdoor Beginner.

The beginner’s guide to the great outdoors, written by a fellow newbie.

woman in sunglasses smiles on a sunny day with a snowy field in the background and the rocky mountains on the horizon

Winter Running

How to stay warm on runs in the cold weather, staying sane (and seen!) when there’s no daylight.

two women wearing backpacks and snowshoes hike away from the camera on a sunny winter day up a trail lined by pine trees


How hard is it to snowshoe and how to snowshoe with a baby in tow.

person skis down a snow-covered run lined by evergreens beneath a blue sky and a Rocky Mountain vista


How to find your way around the ski mountain and what the heck to wear skiing.

I’m Laura.

I’m a beginner, just like you.

When you live in Colorado, where everyone seems to be born with hiking boots on their feet, it’s intimidating to ask for help. When I was starting out just a few years ago, I couldn’t find a single beginner’s guide that was actually written by someone who was currently a beginner.

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