This is Outdoor Beginner.

The beginner’s guide to the great outdoors, written by a fellow newbie.

woman walking away from the camera on a trail lined with moss and pine trees beginner hiking information


Beginner-friendly trail guides to plan your hike, plus what to wear and bring with you.

woman laying on a sleeping bag inside a tent on a sunny day in the forest beginner camping guides information


What to pack plus campground guides to help you pick where to go..

feet out in front of a tube on a river lined by trees beginner tubing guide

Rafting + Tubing

What do you need to go tubing on a river? And is whitewater rafting scary?

I’m Laura.

I’m a beginner, just like you.

When you live in Colorado, where everyone seems to be born with hiking boots on their feet, it’s intimidating to ask for help. When I was starting out just a few years ago, I couldn’t find a single beginner’s guide that was actually written by someone who was currently a beginner.

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