About Outdoor Beginner

So who I am, exactly?

I’m Laura. I grew up on the East Coast before moving to Denver in my 20s. My boyfriend and I wanted to have some adventure, and thought we’d see if we liked Colorado. Since then, we got married, had a baby, and I dove headfirst into the outdoors.

Except in Colorado, everyone seems to already be an outdoor professional.

I like camping but not enough to do it without a car parked a few feet away with extra layers and snacks.

I get very excited when I run an under-11-minute-mile pace. That’s basically Usain Bolt time for me.

I’m kind of a scaredy-cat. But I’ll give almost anything a try, and want to help you feel comfortable doing the same, no matter what you want to do.

Outdoor Beginner has trail guides, gear reviews, campground reviews, how-to’s for things like packing a backpack or what to wear hiking, and my personal experience as an outdoor beginner trying to make it in a world of experts.

That’s right, I’m not an expert. Everything I write about is purely based on my own experience, and I would consider “follow at your own risk.”

Who is that blonde guy in all your photos?

That’s my partner Billy. You may see him in my photos a lot (or least the back of his head…because that’s obviously more ~candid~). He is pretty great for many reasons, but is also the reason I ever tried this whole outdoorsy life to begin with. He taught me how to pitch a tent, how to pick out hiking boots (and why you need them in the first place), and how to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. Without him, there’s no Outdoor Beginner.

One last thing. Affiliate links.

I use affiliate links on this site. I genuinely like and actually own every product I ever put on this blog, and it’s nice to get a liiiitle tiny cut. I don’t use affiliate links for anything I don’t own and love myself (unless I specifically mention that something is out of stock and I’ve tried to find a replacement).

Affiliate links don’t cost you any extra. I also can’t see who clicks on them or what you buy. I just get one big report of x number of clicks to REI/Amazon/etc. Amazon will tell me what has been bought, but no who bought it.

Ok actually one last thing. Privacy.

If you give me your email (for example, to subscribe to the blog), it goes into WordPress for safe keeping. I never sell your emails or share them with anyone else. I can’t actually even see your email address since it’s the subscription is a WordPress app.

This site is built on WordPress. You can view their complete privacy policy here.

Questions? Reach out!

2 thoughts on “About Outdoor Beginner

  1. Laura,
    Just got back from skiing Copper, after skiing Keystone last year and saying it was the last time I was EVER going ski. I have friends who like to ski and are better than me, so I’ve been frustrated I couldn’t even ski on the green slopes. That being said, I googled “easy greens in Colorado” and found your blog. Next thing you know, I’m booking our trip, going up Kokomo, and skiing Roundabout. I skied three days (1/2 days) and never got off Roundabout, but I’m okay with that. At least I’m skiing, stopping and slowing down better, and starting to bring my skis into a parallel form. Thank you so much for your story! I laughed, and it brought tears to my eyes. Reminding me of my previous experience on Schoolmarm, last year, and inspiring me to try again. We’re planning to go again next year.


    1. Oh my gosh, Kelly, you just made my day!! I’m right there with you trying to keep my skis parallel and enjoying the easy stuff! I am SO glad you had a much better experience and that you found my blog. Roundabout is such a good run for getting comfortable, and if you have any additions or updates I should add in the future let me know. Thank you again for taking the time to comment – my day is truly made!!


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