About Outdoor Beginner


So who am I, exactly?

I’m Laura. A Maryland native who moved to Denver for some adventure and ended up making my home here.

I like camping but not enough to do it without a car parked a few feet away with extra layers and snacks.

I get very excited when I run an under-11-minute mile. That’s basically Usain Bolt time for me.

I’m kind of a scaredy cat. But I’ll give almost anything a try, and want to help you feel comfortable doing the same, no matter what you want to do outside. This blog has trail guides, gear reviews, campground reviews, how-to’s for things like packing a backpack or what to wear hiking, and my personal experience as an outdoor beginner try to make it in a world of experts.

You may see a tall blonde dude in my photos a lot (or least the back of his head…because that’s obviously more ~candid~).

That’s my hubby Billy. He is pretty great for many reasons, but is also the reason I ever tried this whole outdoorsy life to begin with. He taught me how to pitch a tent, how to pick out hiking boots (and why you need them in the first place), and how to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. Without him, there’s no Outdoor Beginner.

One last thing.

I use affiliate links on this site. I genuinely like and actually own every product I ever put on this blog, and it’s nice to get a liiiiiitle tiny cut. I don’t use affiliate links for anything I don’t own and love myself.

Ok actually one other last thing.

I work for Great Outdoors Colorado, which helps fund trails and state parks (among other things, but I won’t launch into my PR lady spiel right now). As you may have noticed, I write about trails and state parks. This is because I love our state parks and doing things on trails.

Also, I have a weird thing about finding GOCO signs at the projects we’ve funded so I end up at a lot of them on the weekends.

But this blog is not affiliated with my day job and I don’t receive any compensation for or direction over content from GOCO or Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


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