Beginner’s guide to ice climbing in Colorado

The thing I love the most about Colorado is how everyone embraces winter, and I took that love of winter to a whole new level this weekend. I spent four days at the Ouray Ice Park for its annual ice festival in southwestern Colorado. The ice park prides itself on welcoming climbers of all abilities,…

Beginner’s guide to skiing Copper Mountain

The US Ski Team trains at Copper, but suffice it to say I enjoy a substantially lower caliber of skiing there. I’ve learned from my mistakes, worked my way through the green runs at Copper, and finally took on my first blue last winter (tear-free!). I hope this guide helps you do the same.

What to expect for your first ski lesson

I’d never put on a pair of skis before I moved to Denver at age 23, so learning to ski was both exciting and mildly terrifying. Skiing seemed really cool, but it was also the first thing I’d learned as an adult and I was acutely aware of my own mortality, the cost of hospital…

What to wear your first time skiing

When I moved to Colorado two years ago, I’d never been on a pair of skis in my life. The concept of being excited for winter was still completely foreign to me, since on the East Coast it’s basically three months of grey, bone-chilling misery. Clothes that keep you warm and dry are your biggest…

REI’s Snowshoeing Basics class is worth your time

Growing up on the East Coast, winter was something to dread. Once it arrived, you wrapped yourself in blankets and just waited for it to be over. In Colorado, it’s different. Winter is something to get excited for. Snowshoeing was my gateway drug. Step one of my foray into snowshoeing was REI’s Snowshoeing Basics class….