Beginner’s Travel Guide: Three Winter Days in Ouray, Colorado

Camping is great, but not in the winter. Staying in a hotel doesn’t make you any less outdoorsy, and you can keep enjoying Colorado year-round if you take advantage of the great indoors during the colder months. I spent a long weekend in Ouray, and this southwest Colorado town is the perfect winter getaway. WhenContinue reading “Beginner’s Travel Guide: Three Winter Days in Ouray, Colorado”

Beginner’s guide to ice climbing in Colorado

The thing I love the most about Colorado is how everyone embraces winter, and I took that love of winter to a whole new level this weekend. I spent four days at the Ouray Ice Park for its annual ice festival in southwestern Colorado. The ice park prides itself on welcoming climbers of all abilities,Continue reading “Beginner’s guide to ice climbing in Colorado”