Campground Guide: Saddlehorn at Colorado National Monument

The location can’t be beat (the National Monument is one of Colorado’s must stunning hidden gems), but the campground’s sites can be hit or miss. If you’re in a tent, a lot of the tent pads tend to be VERY close together and don’t offer much privacy. If you’re in a trailer, van, or camper, then some of the driveways are tight and extremely uneven. Keep reading for my tips to pick the best one!

Is Valmont Bike Park Good for Toddlers?

As with all kid-related questions, the answer is “it depends!” Valmont Park mostly caters to school-age or older riders, but the toddler options are totally appropriate for toddlers who enjoy riding their bike independently and like to pick up a little bit of speed. My kid was 2.5 years old when we took them. They’veContinue reading “Is Valmont Bike Park Good for Toddlers?”

Beginner Campground Guide: Gateway RV Park in Carbondale, CO

Sandwiched between Aspen and Glenwood Springs, your options are endless for outdoor activities. Neither location is known for its affordability, so staying at Gateway makes a normally splurge-y destination much more budget-friendly.

Beginner’s Guide to the Best Running Stroller

Baby gear companies lead you to believe you have to get a stroller for every scenario: a running stroller, a walking stroller, a travel stroller, a convertible bassinet, etc etc etc. My spouse and I were philosophically opposed to accumulating a bunch of cumbersome sh*t for our new babe. I wanted ONE stroller to do a lot of things well, even if it wasn’t *perfect* for running.

The two most popular running strollers are the Thule Urban Glide and many models of Bob strollers. My recommendation is a lesser-known, newer stroller – the Guava Roam.

Beginner Campground Guide: Chatfield Lake State Park

Chatfield Lake State Park is a great off-season escape for trailer or RV camping. It’s a particularly good place if you’re a trailer/RV newbie like my family! We chose Chatfield for our first outing because it was easily accessible from 470, had pull-through campsites, and was also close to civilization in case we needed to bail.

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