Campground Guide: Saddlehorn at Colorado National Monument

The location can’t be beat (the National Monument is one of Colorado’s must stunning hidden gems), but the campground’s sites can be hit or miss. If you’re in a tent, a lot of the tent pads tend to be VERY close together and don’t offer much privacy. If you’re in a trailer, van, or camper, then some of the driveways are tight and extremely uneven. Keep reading for my tips to pick the best one!

Beginner Campground Guide: Gateway RV Park in Carbondale, CO

Sandwiched between Aspen and Glenwood Springs, your options are endless for outdoor activities. Neither location is known for its affordability, so staying at Gateway makes a normally splurge-y destination much more budget-friendly.

Beginner Campground Guide: Chatfield Lake State Park

Chatfield Lake State Park is a great off-season escape for trailer or RV camping. It’s a particularly good place if you’re a trailer/RV newbie like my family! We chose Chatfield for our first outing because it was easily accessible from 470, had pull-through campsites, and was also close to civilization in case we needed to bail.

Beginner’s Campground Guide: Guanella Pass near Georgetown, CO

Guanella Pass is just over one hour from Denver. At 10,000 feet of elevation, it’s a much-needed escape from the city heat during the summer. Despite being that high up, it’s still easy to get to and not *that* far from civilization. The campground provides a great jumping off point for lots of hiking (also at high elevation) plus you can easily get to the mountain town of Georgetown from the campground.

Beginner’s guide to your first backpacking trip

Editors Note: This post was written by my partner, Billy. I’ve yet to go backpacking, mostly because the initial start-up cost of gear is significant. *However* his beginner’s experience taught me that backpacking is a lot more beginner-friendly than I had assumed, and I thought it was important (and helpful) for him to share it!Continue reading “Beginner’s guide to your first backpacking trip”

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