When stepping away from something you love means gaining perspective

For more than 27 years (that’s right, since I was in utero) I have been a horse girl. I was the one that didn’t outgrow that stage. But recently, I took a step back. And it was necessary to grow up and figure out who I am outside of the barn.

Tone It Up didn’t work for me

Let me begin with a quick disclaimer — I am in no way denouncing all the hot new fitness communities. If they work for you and make you feel good, great! They didn’t do that for me. And I felt like I was the only one in the world that felt like shit about myself whileContinue reading “Tone It Up didn’t work for me”

The definitive guide to a concert at Red Rocks

While an outdoors concert venue may not traditionally fall under “experiencing the great outdoors,” the lack of information about going to a concert at Red Rocks led me to write this after my first concert last night. Hope this helps, future concert-goers! Step 1 – Get There Early Head down to the town of MorrisonContinue reading “The definitive guide to a concert at Red Rocks”

Who Am I?

I’m a beginner, just like you. Until a few years ago, I never even owned a pair of hiking boots. I grew up in Maryland running around in the woods like a wild child, either on foot with my dog or on the back of a pony that I’m sure was wondering why the @#$* itContinue reading “Who Am I?”

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