Beginner’s Guide to the Best Running Stroller

Baby gear companies lead you to believe you have to get a stroller for every scenario: a running stroller, a walking stroller, a travel stroller, a convertible bassinet, etc etc etc. My spouse and I were philosophically opposed to accumulating a bunch of cumbersome sh*t for our new babe. I wanted ONE stroller to do a lot of things well, even if it wasn’t *perfect* for running.

The two most popular running strollers are the Thule Urban Glide and many models of Bob strollers. My recommendation is a lesser-known, newer stroller – the Guava Roam.

Beginner’s guide to microspikes for snowy hiking and running

Getting outside year-round is tough. It’s dark, it’s cold, it’s icy. I can’t fix daylight savings time or the thermometer, but I can help you with traction.

Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best beginner hydration vest for trail running

You may be thinking to yourself, “but Laura, you can’t even run a 10k. Why would you need a hydration vest?” Because running is really hard and I like snacks. For reference, when I bought my first vest, I was run-hiking longer than a 5k in the summertime before I felt like I needed toContinue reading “Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best beginner hydration vest for trail running”

Beginner’s guide to running safely in the dark

If you work a nine to five, chances are you’re running in the dark November through February thanks to the end of Daylights Savings Time. That means cars, scooters, skater bros, and other mindlessly motoring around people have a much harder time seeing you. Fortunately, there are plenty of budget-friendly options for reflective gear toContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to running safely in the dark”

Gear Guide: The best reservoir to carry your water on the trail

Your first and most obvious option for hydration is a water bottle, but a reservoir lets you go hands-free and bring a lot more water with you, which is important if you’re going to be out on the trail for several hours. You do have to have a backpack to take advantage of the wonderfulContinue reading “Gear Guide: The best reservoir to carry your water on the trail”