Staying Safe When It Gets Dark At 5 P.M.

Ok, it’s not getting dark at five…yet. But it is starting to get dark earlier and earlier each week, and as fall turns into winter, you’re much more likely to be running in the dark. For about $40, you can make sure cars (and scooters, and hipsters on bikes, and skater bros) won’t miss you when you’re out for your post-work jog.

You’ll get the most bang for your buck with a reflective vest, however, not all vests are created equal. You can get more of a singlet style, which is eerily similar to the safety patrol belt you may or may not have worn in elementary school. I wasn’t chosen as a safety patrol. But I’m not bitter.

I opted for a true vest – the Amphipod Full-Visibility Vest to be exact. I liked it because, as you may have guessed, it makes you highly visible. Plus, it has a zipper pouch in the front which is awesome since lady’s running tights don’t usually have pockets larger than a pinky nail. I’ve kept keys, my ID, anything in that little pouch. It’s super handy!

Looks fly...
Looks fly…
...and they weren't lying when they called it full visibility!
…and they weren’t lying when they called it full visibility!

What are those snazzy pink bands you ask? I’m gonna make another 90s reference and take you back to the glory of snap bracelets. I am not sure why Nathan decided to utilize this technology for their reflective bands, but I don’t hate it. If you’re not into pink, Amazon has yellow and blue as well. Start here.

You can wear these on your wrists or ankles, but I prefer ankles since my feet move more than my wrists and are more likely to be caught by headlights. Having something around my ankles bothered me the first few runs, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Just make sure you clean them off every once in a while with a wipe or something – they get gross with all the sweat that drips down your legs.

Yeahhh check that farmer's tan.
Yeahhh check that farmer’s tan.

The entire get-up is not too ridiculous looking, and it’s pretty cheap to boot! I started with just the anklets since I was on a budget, and you will be okay with just one or the other.

I don’t trust Denver drivers, so I added the vest try to be as safe as possible. Which you probably can’t tell considering I chose the darkest clothes possible to demonstrate being a safe runner at night. Follow my example for reflective gear, but don’t follow my example for outfit color choices. Pick something light, and preferably also neon, to increase the likelihood that cars will see you.


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  1. I am so not looking forward to these kind of days! Right now, if I wake up too early to run I might have to worry about my visibility. Luckily our streets all have sidewalks and the path is well lit in such a big city. But I’m surprised this is so cheap! That’s awesome!

    Unrelated: I’m going to Denver in March and I might want to talk to you about where I can get my snowshoe on. I remember a post about that from earlier this year. 🙂


    1. Laura Cardon says:

      Yes, absolutely! I am hoping to get on some more level trails than the one I tried out last winter. Happy to give you any advice 🙂 And yes, that’s the only thing I hate about winter…it’s dark when I wake up to work out now!


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