How to snowshoe with a baby

When getting out of the house to walk around the block feels complicated, getting back to (or starting) outdoor adventures with a new baby can feel downright impossible. After having my first kid, I was determined to rip off the Band-Aid and figure out outdoorsy adventures with a newborn baby in tow. Our Saturday snowshoeContinue reading “How to snowshoe with a baby”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Snowshoeing in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

After several weekends of hibernating with Netflix on my couch, I decided to be a real Coloradan and embrace winter. After learning the basics from REI, I decided it was time to get out there and try it. Snowshoeing isn’t rocket science, but the two major blunders I made were picking a super hilly trailContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Snowshoeing in Golden Gate Canyon State Park”

REI’s Snowshoeing Basics class is worth your time

Growing up on the East Coast, winter was something to dread. Once it arrived, you wrapped yourself in blankets and just waited for it to be over. In Colorado, it’s different. Winter is something to get excited for. Snowshoeing was my gateway drug. Step one of my foray into snowshoeing was REI’s Snowshoeing Basics class.Continue reading “REI’s Snowshoeing Basics class is worth your time”