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About Coach Laura

Laura began running as an adult before becoming a UESCA-certified running coach specializing in new and beginner runners. In addition to Outdoor Beginner programs, she teaches beginner trail running clinics with Life’s 2 Short Fitness and also works at Runners Roost in Colorado.

Coaching Philosophy

Laura strongly believes running is for everyone and there is no one way to “look like” a runner. Any runner, of any ability, pace, size, ethnicity, gender, or other identity is welcome.

Outdoor Beginner programs use effort-based training, which uses a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale to help you learn how to appropriately pace yourself. This approach emphasizes listening to your body’s cues over adhering to certain paces or speeds. Beginner clinics and training plans use walk-run intervals to help beginner runners get started safely.

Outdoor Beginner programs are not dieting or weight-loss focused. There is also no pressure to progress to longer distances or different speeds if you don’t want to. As one of Coach Laura’s friends best described it, “we run for the vibes!”


Women’s trail running programs with Life’s 2 Short Fitness available here >>

Learn to Run Clinic

1-hour, in-person clinics to get you started running!

$17 per person for group

$60 per hour for 1:1

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Call a Coach

Book a 30-minute phone or video call with Laura to ask all of your running questions. You don’t have to sort through all those Google results on your own!

$25 for 30 minutes
First intro call is free!

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Running 101 Membership

  • Progressive running plan with accompanying guided audio runs
  • Weekly group Zoom coaching call with open Q+A
  • Running 101 video and pdf resource library

$35 per month, cancel anytime
Scholarships available

Limited one-on-one training options also available starting at $120 per month. Please contact for more information.