Running Coach for Beginners

“It’s refreshing to have running shared in a body-positive, inclusive environment. We need more of this!”

Erica D., running 101 participant


About Coach Laura

Laura began running as an adult in 2014 and quickly became frustrated by the lack of truly beginner-friendly offerings. So, she created her own. In 2021, she became a UESCA-certified running coach specializing in beginners. In addition to Outdoor Beginner programs, she teaches with Life’s 2 Short Fitness and works at Runners Roost.

Coaching Philosophy

Laura strongly believes running is for everyone and there is no one way to “look like” a runner. Any runner, of any ability, pace, size, ethnicity, gender, or other identity is welcome.

Outdoor Beginner running programs use effort-based training, which uses a Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale to help you learn how to appropriately pace yourself. This approach emphasizes listening to your body’s cues over adhering to certain paces or speeds. Beginner clinics and training plans use walk-run intervals to help beginner runners get started safely and gently.

Program Philosophy

Outdoor Beginner programs are not dieting or weight-loss focused. Laura will always support your goals, but there is no pressure to progress to longer distances or different speeds if you don’t want to. As one of Laura’s friends best described it, “we run for the vibes!”

All programs have no-questions-asked financial assistance available. Please contact Laura directly at

In-Person Group Coaching

Women’s trail running programs with Life’s 2 Short Fitness available here >>

Running 101 at Wheat Ridge Rec Center
  • 3-week course to start your running journey in a welcoming, low-pressure environment
  • Held indoors at the Wheat Ridge Rec Center
  • $30 for residents/$35 for those who live outside of Wheat Ridge
  • Sign up starting Dec. 1, 2023

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5k Your Way at Runners Roost Golden

  • 6-week course to prepare for your first 5k
  • Held outdoors at Runners Roost in Golden
  • Free thanks to the support of brands like Topo Athletic and New Balance.
  • Next session begins in March 2024

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Virtual Group Run Coaching

Group Virtual Run Training – $99 for 3 months

Group Virtual Run Training – What’s Included
  • One-on-one introduction call with Coach Laura to learn more about you and your running journey
  • 12 weeks of personalized coaching appropriate for runners of all levels
  • Accountability of a group and a more affordable option for personalized coaching
  • Weekly group video call with training topic of the week and open Q+A. Recorded and available to rewatch.
  • Permanent access to running resource library, recaps, and recordings
  • Option for in-person group runs if you’re in the Denver metro area

Next session begins March 1 Sign up by Feb. 15, 2024.

Private Training Programs

Email Coach Laura at for more information and to sign up!

Call a Coach – $25 per 30 minutes

Book a 30-minute phone or video call with Laura to ask all of your running questions. Don’t sort through those confusing Google results on your own!

One-Time Half Marathon or Marathon Plan – $50 one time

Train for a specific race with initial help from Coach Laura. Best for runners who want a more personalized plan, but don’t need further guidance or accountability from a coach.


  • 30-minute call to discuss your goals and current training to help Laura build a personalized training plan.
  • 14-20 week training plan for a half or full marathon with no further personalization or adaptation to your training
Maintenance Mode – $50 per month

Best for runners who want help planning and progressing their running, with or without a race goal. Or, anyone who wants ongoing support and personalization, but doesn’t need weekly engagement with a coach (Training Level plans).

If you’re coming back from an injury or starting for the first time, this is a great option!

  • Custom monthly plan for your specific race, adapted to how your training is going
  • Access to Outdoor Beginner resource library, including workout banks for hills, speed, and treadmill.
  • Eligible for in-person coached runs
  • Unlimited email communication
Training Level 1 -$120 per month

Best for runners who are training for a specific race and want weekly support, accountability, and engagement with a coach. Two month minimum commitment.

  • Custom monthly plan for your specific race, adapted to how your training is going
  • Race-specific workouts, nutrition strategy, and race day planning (including pacing)
  • Weekly email about each week’s focus and goals
  • Post-race reflection and goal-setting exercise
  • Unlimited email and text communication
Training Level 2 – $150 per month

Training Level 1 plus:

  • Monthly Zoom call with Coach Laura for Q+A (30% savings)
  • 50% discount for in-person coached runs

Laura is knowledgeable, responsive, understanding, reliable, and passionate. Most importantly, though, is that she cares. She cares about your training, she cares about your goals and ambitions, and she cares about you as a person. 

ian r., private coaching client