Beginner’s Trail Guide: St. Mary’s Glacier

St. Mary’s Glacier is a bit of a hidden gem, and it’s definitely a hike you should do once. Obviously, it’s not hard to find spectacular views on hikes in Colorado, but how many chances do you get to hike on a glacier?! To be completely honest, this was a doozy of a hike for me asContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: St. Mary’s Glacier”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Gem Lake in Estes Park

This four-mile out and back trail was the first hike I ever did after moving to Colorado. The elevation in Estes Park is no joke, so if you’re new to town like I was, plan on taking lots of water and lots of breaks. It was slightly demoralizing that a very small fluffy white dogContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Gem Lake in Estes Park”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Rattlesnake Gulch in Eldorado Canyon State Park

Eldorado Canyon State Park was is less than an hour from Denver and offers stunning canyon views, an overlook at the Continental Divide, and well-maintained trails that are beginner-friendly. Rattlesnake Gulch is challenging because it’s all uphill on the way out, but as long as you take plenty of breaks along the way, you’ll beContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Rattlesnake Gulch in Eldorado Canyon State Park”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: East side of Rocky Mountain National Park

The entrance to the eastern side of RMNP is right outside of downtown Estes Park. Now that Highway 36 is completely restored, the drive is an easy and scenic hour and a half from Denver. As any basic Google searching will tell you, Bear Lake is the perfect place for beginners, first timers, out ofContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: East side of Rocky Mountain National Park”

Trail Guide: Beginner Hiking at Staunton State Park

I’ve been to Staunton Stake Park twice, and I’m already in love. When my parents visited from Maryland a few weeks ago, I needed an option for hiking that wasn’t too far from Denver. It also had to offer doable trails for people living essentially at sea level. Staunton has all of this (and youContinue reading “Trail Guide: Beginner Hiking at Staunton State Park”