Beginner’s Campground Guide: Canyon at Yellowstone National Park

Between the cost of indoor lodging and the incredibly nice campground amenities, it’s a no-brainer to camp for at least part of your trip to Yellowstone. The Canyon Campground is located on the eastern side the park near lots of amenities and some of the most stunning scenery.

Beginner’s Campground Guide: North Michigan at State Forest State Park

North Michigan is one of five campgrounds in State Forest State Park, a hidden gem in northern Colorado near the tiny town of Walden. Michigan Lake is a great option for car camping, particularly if you don’t look for reservations early enough and don’t get into Crags (this totally didn’t happen to me).

Beginner’s Campground Guide: Aspen Meadows in Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Aspen Meadows in Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a great beginner-friendly camping option for an overnight trip from Denver. It’s one of my favorite places to camp because Golden Gate has the perfect combination of both seclusion and convenience. You’re only an hour from Denver, but also totally in the middle of nowhere withContinue reading “Beginner’s Campground Guide: Aspen Meadows in Golden Gate Canyon State Park”

An Un-Campground Guide: Affordable lodging in Moab

For the uninitiated (aka me before this month), spring is high season in Moab. This is because it’s hot as hell by June. If you go to Moab and you haven’t planned ahead and reserved a campsite, you’re left with first-come, first-serve options on BLM land along Highway 128. The good news is that these campsitesContinue reading “An Un-Campground Guide: Affordable lodging in Moab”

Campground Guide: South Rim at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

I became obsessed with going to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park because of a poster in my office (this sounds weirder now that I’m writing it down) so I made it one of my first stops on a road trip around the state. It’s one of the few national parks where you canContinue reading “Campground Guide: South Rim at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park”