What it’s like to try rock climbing for the first time

Heights make me very nervous. I max out at around 6 push-ups. And yet, I decided to try out a sport that not only takes you very high up but also relies heavily on upper body strength. That’s right, I went rock climbing. Why? Because I know my fear of heights is irrational. And, IContinue reading “What it’s like to try rock climbing for the first time”

Beginner’s guide to whitewater rafting

When my boyfriend first proposed the idea of going whitewater rafting, I envisioned the experience being something like this: Much to my surprise, you can actually go whitewater rafting on completely newbie-friendly rapids. 80% of the ride you barely even see any white water. The rapids you do go through are totally non-threatening and areContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to whitewater rafting”

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