Beginner’s guide to Peanut Island snorkeling

Once upon a time, I worked in Florida for four months every winter. When my then-boyfriend, now-husband came to visit, multiple people recommended we go snorkeling at Peanut Island. This sounded very cool but I’d never been snorkeling before and the ocean freaks me out a little bit. Of course, I immediately convinced myself IContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to Peanut Island snorkeling”

Beginner’s guide to Looe Key snorkeling

I used to spend my winters working in Florida (less glamorous than it sounds, believe me) and I’m willing to try almost anything once (unless it involves jumping out of anything or close encounters with carnivorous animals). On a weekend getaway to Key West, my then-boyfriend (now husband) suggested going snorkeling. Despite my initial anxietyContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to Looe Key snorkeling”