You missed the point of this blog.

When people have talked to me lately about Outdoor Beginner, I’ve noticed more and more often they say some variation of “I love your blog, but I could never do that.” Or, “I’ll never be at your level” or, “what you do is so far beyond me.” And if you think that, you’ve missed theContinue reading “You missed the point of this blog.”

What it’s like to volunteer on a trail building project (and why it’s important)

One summer, my previous day job took me on a trip to build some trail. Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) helps fund a ton of trail projects, but this was the first time many of us had gone out to actually build one ourselves. We were paired up with a crew from Mile High Youth Corps, andContinue reading “What it’s like to volunteer on a trail building project (and why it’s important)”

Progress is in the eye of the beholder (or your running app)

I was ridiculously nervous before going on my last trail run, to the point that I was making myself nauseous. I hadn’t run whatsoever in a few weeks, and the last time I’d hit a trail was over a month ago. I was worried about running “well,” or slowing Billy down, or having to hikeContinue reading “Progress is in the eye of the beholder (or your running app)”

Nobody else notices that beginner habit you’re worried about

As I ran down the paved rec path in Breckenridge a few weeks ago, I found myself suddenly extremely self-conscious of the fact that I was wearing a hydration vest. Long-distance trail runners typically wear a little backpack/vest that they can store water and snacks in when they go do things like run 20 milesContinue reading “Nobody else notices that beginner habit you’re worried about”

When will you become Outdoor Intermediate?

I get this question a lot. I started this blog three years ago, and to some, it might make sense for me to want to move on from the beginner stage. To climb a 14er, or ski some blues, or to at least stop calling myself a beginner now that I know how to pitchContinue reading “When will you become Outdoor Intermediate?”

All the things I never knew I needed.

In an effort to de-stress and simplify my life,my knee-jerk reaction was to unfollow all the brands and magazines I was following on social. I wanted to get rid of the constant barrage of tweets and posts telling me to do X epic adventure instead of whatever “lame” one I may have planned or that I need toContinue reading “All the things I never knew I needed.”

How to deal with your running injury

I’ve been dealing with tendonitis for four months, but admittedly haven’t been a very good patient for most of that time. Since January, I have buckled down, put on a boot, and took a break from any and all potentially cardiovascular exercise. This means no hiking, no running, no horseback riding, NOTHING. Staying positive hasn’tContinue reading “How to deal with your running injury”

Fitting in when you’re a beginner in Colorado

An article in 5280 (magazine in Denver) caught my eye last week. Unfit: Being Overweight in America’s Slimmest State chronicled Rebecca Palcso’s struggle with being very unathletic in the sporty paradise that is Colorado. She moved to Colorado in an effort to motivate herself into being fit, which you may assume went like this: I movedContinue reading “Fitting in when you’re a beginner in Colorado”