How to take a toddler on a trailer camping trip

We took the plunge and bought a travel trailer. Now how do we set it up to be toddler-friendly?

The best headlamps, lanterns, and campground lighting for beginners

Not to state the obvious, but it gets pretty freaking dark when you’re out in the woods. I’m a big advocate of using what you have, but if your phone’s flashlight is no longer cutting it for you, it could be time to get a headlamp or lantern. They’re way brighter and are a prettyContinue reading “The best headlamps, lanterns, and campground lighting for beginners”

Beginner’s Gear Guide: Coleman one-burner butane camp stove

I have long been an advocate of “keep it simple, stupid” when it comes to campground food. But to keep it hot-dogs-and-smores simple, you need a fire. Yet another drought year in Colorado resulted in statewide fire bans, meaning campfires were out of the question. We kept (naively) kept hoping the bans would get lifted,Continue reading “Beginner’s Gear Guide: Coleman one-burner butane camp stove”

Beginner’s guide to packing your car and staying organized on road trips

Packing your car for a road trip, and then keeping it organized so you can actually find things, is a massive game of Tetris. Sometimes, things start getting messy. Your car quickly turns into that worst-case Tetris scenario where you’re running out of room and nothing really fits and you also can’t find anything youContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to packing your car and staying organized on road trips”

Beginner’s Gear Guide: Teton Sports Double Sleeping Bag

I’m not too proud to admit that I don’t like sacrificing snuggling while camping. Unzipping one sleeping bag and using it as a blanket isn’t warm enough, plus it always slides off. And what’s the point of sleeping in the cold if you can’t snuggle your significant other? I put the Teton Sports Tracker UltralightContinue reading “Beginner’s Gear Guide: Teton Sports Double Sleeping Bag”

Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best Cooler for under $100

Coolers are a staple for any camping, road tripping, or day-drinking household. And while you can drop hundreds of dollars on a Yeti (and then constantly tell people it’s SO WORTH all that money), you could also just spend about $60 and get this one. We have put AO Coolers’ canvas cooler (36-pack size) to the testContinue reading “Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best Cooler for under $100”

Beginner’s guide to picking the best campsite

Camping is supposed to be a simple way to connect with nature, but if you’ve never done it before, choosing a campsite can seem much more complicated. Whether you’re booking on or navigating another website (or going analog and picking one out in person!) there are a few tips and tricks to getting theContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to picking the best campsite”