How to take a baby on a camper van trip

Camper vans feel especially safe during a pandemic, but navigating the options with a baby isn’t easy. This is how I handled a baby on board for two Colorado road trips.

Beginner’s guide to your first road trip with a baby

This post was originally written before the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. It was updated when we traveled locally in our state, taking every precaution we could. Please travel and recreate responsibly based on your local area’s restrictions as well as guidelines for your destination. This website is a great resource. By the timeContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to your first road trip with a baby”

Beginner’s guide to Yellowstone National Park

I can’t overstate just how enormous Yellowstone National Park is, which can make planning a trip a little intimidating. Things are so spread out that the park itself has full-service gas stations and grocery stores. There’s just SO much to see at this national icon. So how did we pick? I read American Wolf aContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to Yellowstone National Park”

Beginner’s guide to packing your car and staying organized on road trips

Packing your car for a road trip, and then keeping it organized so you can actually find things, is a massive game of Tetris. Sometimes, things start getting messy. Your car quickly turns into that worst-case Tetris scenario where you’re running out of room and nothing really fits and you also can’t find anything youContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to packing your car and staying organized on road trips”

Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best Cooler for under $100

Coolers are a staple for any camping, road tripping, or day-drinking household. And while you can drop hundreds of dollars on a Yeti (and then constantly tell people it’s SO WORTH all that money), you could also just spend about $60 and get this one. We have put AO Coolers’ canvas cooler (36-pack size) to the testContinue reading “Beginner’s Gear Guide: Best Cooler for under $100”

What I learned on a weeklong road trip around Colorado

Billy and I set out for a seven-day road trip in June 2016. We were originally going to venture into eastern Utah, but once the forecast started at 102 and continued to climb to 111 degrees, we opted out and headed up into the mountains instead. I learned a lot about myself in seven (well,Continue reading “What I learned on a weeklong road trip around Colorado”

Beginner’s guide to packing for a week-long road trip

#vanlife is so hot right now, but the average person is still just trying to cram a bunch of stuff in their regular ol’ car when heading out for a road trip. When you first fold down those back seats, it feels like you have infinite room for all of your stuff. But it fillsContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to packing for a week-long road trip”

Beginner’s Travel Guide: Week-Long Colorado Road Trip Itinerary

After a summer of buying a house, moving my horse cross-country, and general craziness that kept us close to home, Billy and I took an entire week to really kick off summer and see the West we had yet to venture into. We hit almost all four corners of Colorado, got a taste of things weContinue reading “Beginner’s Travel Guide: Week-Long Colorado Road Trip Itinerary”