How to deal with your running injury

I’ve been dealing with tendonitis for four months, but admittedly haven’t been a very good patient for most of that time. Since January, I have buckled down, put on a boot, and took a break from any and all potentially cardiovascular exercise. This means no hiking, no running, no horseback riding, NOTHING.

Staying positive hasn’t been easy, but I’ve kept myself from going crazy thanks to a few things:

Working with my physical therapist on a recovery plan. Planning out a regiment for getting back in shape gives me something to look forward to, and my therapist’s never-ending optimism that I’ll be healthy in no time has been a huge help.

Finding out what I can do. Strength training and basic yoga were both on that list, so I’ve focused on getting stronger and more flexible. This will not only (hopefully) decrease the chance that I will re-injure myself, but also has kept me from going stir-crazy.

Staying involved in my normal activities as much as possible. I continued to walk to work in the boot because I would have lost it if I had to go from sitting in my car to sitting in an office all day. I couldn’t ride, but I went to the barn anyways and petted some horses and tried to absorb knowledge from others’ lessons. I couldn’t walk dogs at the shelter, but I could play with the cats and give them some loving.

I’ve relied heavily on Yoga With Adriene. It’s free and caters to all levels. Adriene is super down to earth and has some great beginner videos. I do Gentle Morning Practice during the week and spice it up with Energizing Morning Practice over the weekends. Both are excellent and will help you feel more limber and ultimately more relaxed.

But every day won’t be perfect. I’m admittedly struggling today since I’m stuck on the couch and it’s 70 and sunny. I want to go play with dogs at the animal shelter or go hiking or running or ANYTHING on this absolutely gorgeous day, but it’s a rest day for me and I’m feeling a little sore (another negativity I’m trying to push out of my mind). Plus, walking rambunctious shelter dogs in a boot (I still have to wear it for part of the day) is not recommended by my doctor.

The view from the other direction on the couch.
The view from the other direction on the couch.

I know that this is all far from expert advice, but it’s what is keeping me sane on this gorgeous day that I’m stuck inside. I won’t let the boot totally keep me down today, though – you better believe I’m still going to hobble up to the park!

Published by Laura Cardon

Laura Cardon moved to Colorado as an adult and quickly realized how difficult it was to get started exploring the outdoors in a state full of experts. She founded Outdoor Beginner in 2014 to fill the gap in beginner-friendly content for camping, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor activities. In addition to Outdoor Beginner, she coaches beginner trail runners and works at Runners Roost in Golden, Colorado, where she lives with her spouse and toddler.

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