Trail Guide: Beginner Hiking at Staunton State Park

I’ve been to Staunton Stake Park twice, and I’m already in love. When my parents visited from Maryland a few weeks ago, I needed an option for hiking that wasn’t too far from Denver. It also had to offer doable trails for people living essentially at sea level. Staunton has all of this (and youContinue reading “Trail Guide: Beginner Hiking at Staunton State Park”

Beginner’s guide to what to eat when you go hiking

Snacking is one of my favorite pastimes, so I was super excited to write this post (and equally surprised it took me this long to get to it). Outdoors activities open up a glorious new world of snacking. What other reason could possibly justify the purchase of Sports Beans? Yes, those are a thing. AndContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to what to eat when you go hiking”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: West side of Rocky Mountain National Park

Seeing some meese (yes, I know that’s not actually the plural of moose) has been on my outdoorsy bucket list for well over a year. It first started when I was working in Vermont and realized that was prime meesey habitat. After leaving without seeing so much as a squirrel, I shelved my moose ambitionsContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: West side of Rocky Mountain National Park”

What to wear the first time you go hiking

Editor’s Note: Most of you get here by Googling some form of “Can I wear sweatpants to go hiking?” The answer is absolutely yes.  Despite what Pinterest will tell you, if you want to try out hiking, you don’t need much. If you’re on a well-maintained trail and go on a day with mild temperatures,Continue reading “What to wear the first time you go hiking”

The best socks for hiking and running

For a long time, I lived life completely unaware of the glorious world of sock options. I thought that white cotton ankle socks were as good as it got. But during my first-ever trip to REI, I was informed in no uncertain terms that cotton socks were not going to cut it. Cotton doesn’t wickContinue reading “The best socks for hiking and running”

Gear Guide: How to pick out your first pair of hiking boots

I define hiking as walking outside on an unpaved surface. Which could be why I have an unpopular opinion about hiking footwear. My hot take on hiking boots: 90% of people getting outside probably don’t need hiking boots in the first place. They’re expensive. And most hikes the average Outdoor Beginner goes on don’t requireContinue reading “Gear Guide: How to pick out your first pair of hiking boots”