How to deal with your running injury

I’ve been dealing with tendonitis for four months, but admittedly haven’t been a very good patient for most of that time. Since January, I have buckled down, put on a boot, and took a break from any and all potentially cardiovascular exercise. This means no hiking, no running, no horseback riding, NOTHING. Staying positive hasn’tContinue reading “How to deal with your running injury”

How to pick the perfect first 5k

Honestly, I could sum up this blog in one sentence. Make sure your first race is going to be FUN! If you’re looking to sign up for your very first 5k, you’re most likely just beginning to run. I started trolling for the Perfect First 5k almost immediately after deciding to try out running. IContinue reading “How to pick the perfect first 5k”

The perfect beginner running shoes are probably waiting at Payless

My running shoes are starting to fall apart. There is a hole in the mesh over my pinky toe joint that is ever-increasing with each run I go on, stubbornly hanging on to my first pair of running shoes. They’ve been a great pair, carrying me to some of my most exciting running milestones –Continue reading “The perfect beginner running shoes are probably waiting at Payless”

The best socks for hiking and running

For a long time, I lived life completely unaware of the glorious world of sock options. I thought that white cotton ankle socks were as good as it got. But during my first-ever trip to REI, I was informed in no uncertain terms that cotton socks were not going to cut it. Cotton doesn’t wickContinue reading “The best socks for hiking and running”