Beginner’s Trail Guide: Sunset Hike at Dead Horse Point State Park

Arches National Park may get all the love for sunsets in Moab, but I’d much rather watch the sun go down over the jaw-dropping canyons of Dead Horse Point State Park. The cheery name has just about as cheerful of a story behind it, but don’t let that keep you from going! The west sideContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Sunset Hike at Dead Horse Point State Park”

Beginner’s guide to hiking on a glacier in Alaska

Glacier-related activities are one of the main reasons to go to Alaska, and the absolute highlight of our trip was actually hiking on one. We signed up for MICA Guides‘ Advanced Trek on Matanuska Glacier north east of Anchorage, and despite the name, the only experience you need is a healthy sense of adventure. TimeContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to hiking on a glacier in Alaska”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Grewingk Glacier Lake in ​Kachemak Bay State Park

At just over six miles round-trip, our trek around Kachemak Bay State Park was our most ambitious hike of the trip. However, thanks to it being almost completely flat except for the last mile, it wasn’t nearly as strenuous as I thought it would be. You can also do a slightly shorter hike by onlyContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Grewingk Glacier Lake in ​Kachemak Bay State Park”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park

The three-mile round trip hike to Exit Glacier was the most beginner-friendly trek I did during our road trip to Alaska. And don’t worry, beginner-friendly doesn’t mean you lose out on panoramic mountain views and an up-close look at a big ol’ glacier. The entire hike took me just over an hour, with plenty ofContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Exit Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Tonsina Trail in Seward, Alaska

Seward was one of our favorite towns during our Alaska road trip, and I could’ve stayed a week there for the hiking alone. There were a ton of great options, and the Tonsina Trail in Caines Head Recreation Area was a fantastic way to kick off the trip. While steep in places, this 4.5-mile roundContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Tonsina Trail in Seward, Alaska”

Beginner’s guide to Grand Teton National Park

I remember seeing Grand Teton in a textbook as a kid, and the image of the super rugged but also beautiful snow-capped mountains stuck with me. The Tetons seemed like they were on another planet that I’d probably never get to. I think eight-year-old me would be pretty excited to know that I finally didContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to Grand Teton National Park”

Beginner’s guide to staying hydrated while hiking

Staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to make sure you enjoy yourself outdoors, no matter what season it is. Hiking is 100 times more enjoyable when you have water…and you actually remember to drink it. I can’t even count how many times just drinking some water has taken care of feeling likeContinue reading “Beginner’s guide to staying hydrated while hiking”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Mystic Falls at Yellowstone National Park

There is no shortage of waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park, but if you’re looking for a shorter hike that’s beginner-friendly, Mystic Falls is your best bet in the southwest section of the park. The trailhead is located at Biscuit Basin, a 10-minute drive from the Old Faithful Inn. After 2.5 miles (round trip), you’ll haveContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Mystic Falls at Yellowstone National Park”

Beginner’s Trail Guide: Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park

The hike to Trout Lake is a great way to top off a morning of wildlife watching in the Lamar Valley (extra bonus: have roadside breakfast at Soda Butte Creek on your way). This 1.2-mile round trip hike in the northeast section of Yellowstone is initially steep but totally doable for beginner hikers. Once youContinue reading “Beginner’s Trail Guide: Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park”